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Snow Leopard Love Charity: "Care for Cute Teeth, Brush Out Full Score"

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At noon on January 12th, the Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals charity team launched the "Care for Cute Teeth, Brush Out Full Score" Love Tooth Care Activity. The first stop was at Qiaoqi Primary School in Jiangyin City. Interesting knowledge sharing activities for tooth protection. At the event site, members of the charity team patiently answered questions for the children. Looking at the enthusiastic smiling faces of the children, Snow Leopard’s charity charity team deeply felt the importance of the tooth care charity line. President Xu's speech also made the charity team more clear about its charity goals.



Towards the end of the term, when the children’s learning tasks are heavy, the Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals charity team reminds children that no matter how busy they study, they should also pay attention to their oral health, especially the children who are in the growth period and changing teeth, and pay more attention to the protection of their teeth. . As the theme of this charity event "Caring for your cute teeth, brushing out full marks", children in the growth period and changing teeth are in the stage of rapid tooth development, and they need to be cared for.


The charity team also came to the children's classroom, and while distributing children's toothpaste to the children, they also explained the knowledge of tooth care for the children. The big brothers and sisters of the Snow Leopard charity team used the form of stories to share with the children many details of tooth protection that are easy to be overlooked, from the structure of the teeth and the formation of tooth decay to how to properly protect the teeth. The children listened attentively, took the toothpaste in their hands to observe carefully, and happily shared their tooth protection fun with their classmates.



Finally, in the interactive tooth brushing activity, the children learned the correct method of brushing under the guidance of Teacher Xiang. The brothers and sisters of the charity team patiently corrected the children's wrong tooth brushing habits, and described the harm of wrong tooth brushing with them, which made the children more Pay attention to oral care.

The teachers and students of Qiaoqi Primary School expressed their sincere appreciation for this charity event. The Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals charity team also sent sincere blessings to all teachers and students of Qiaoqi Primary School. I hope that in the new year, every child can take good care Tooth, study hard, and "Care for your cute teeth and get full marks" with Snow Leopard Daily Chemical.



Through this activity, the children realized the importance of protecting teeth and helped them to establish the awareness of "love teeth and protect teeth". At the same time, it has an important influence on children's development of healthy oral habits. All members of the public welfare team of Snow Leopard Daily Chemical hope that children can strive to be "Little Guardians of Teeth" and have a healthy smile.

Snow Leopard Daily Chemical will also continue the charity heart. Snow Leopard Mouthguard is always on the road!

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