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            Snow Leopard Daily Chemical FE Bio-enzyme Toothpaste won the title of "Intelligent Workshop in Jiangsu Province"

            Time : 2021/01/08 View : 528

            Recently, Jiangsu Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. won the 2020 Jiangsu Intelligent Workshop. The workshop is an intelligent workshop built in accordance with GMP standards and industry 4.0 standards. The workshop has 6 sets of Siemens intelligent emulsification systems. The entire production process is controlled and remotely controlled. It is an intelligent production for the province and even the country’s daily chemical industry. To the leading role.


            The intelligent toothpaste workshop uses pipelines for liquid transportation and air compressors for powder transportation. The weighing and feeding of the entire powder is controlled by DCS, and the bar code is used to control the weighing area, the preparation pot and the operating platform to achieve interconnection. In the toothpaste filling process, the workshop equipment is connected to the MES system through the port. The MES system automatically calculates the output status of each process every hour, and summarizes and counts the information of plan achievement, capacity, output, product defect rate, etc., and finally imports ERP for cost Accounting. After filling the box, there is a variable QR code on each toothpaste color box, which manages the production of product tracking, material in and out, quality online control, etc.; the QR code is used on the finished product to realize a single Product production process traceability. The toothpaste workshop is photographed according to GMP standards, the temperature and humidity of the workshop are centrally monitored and managed, and the system monitoring software is used for data storage and analysis. The company's new energy photovoltaic has 1800KW. The company’s main energy water, electricity, and steam are installed with an energy monitoring system, using high-precision, two-way metering multifunctional smart meters to monitor and measure the use of water, electricity, and gas in real time, and generate various reports in time, and Alarm for abnormal energy consumption.


            The FE biological enzyme workshop was awarded the two-industry integration standard implementation system in 2019. At present, the company has launched the energy management system implementation standard and created a national green factory to enrich the company's strength, embrace the digital economy, and empower the development of the industry.


            Nowadays, the speed of information dissemination and dissemination channels are showing explosive growth. Brand building and management need to keep pace with the times and achieve new development with the help of information technology. In the past few years, the company has closely followed the development trend of the digital age, increased management and construction efforts, optimized the company website, built corporate official Weibo, WeChat public platforms, etc., comprehensively covered various communication channels, and expanded e-commerce by making full use of big data. Sales channels, complete the overall layout of online and offline channels, and maximize the influence and strength of the brand.


            The award of this honor not only affirms the construction of Snow Leopard daily chemical intelligent manufacturing, but also encourages Snow Leopard people to move forward on the road of intelligent manufacturing and move towards an intelligent factory. In the blooming Chinese daily chemical market, Snow Leopard people will continue to work hard, continue to increase market share and brand recognition, demonstrate the brand's innovation, and make the "Golden Dentist" brand more refined, stronger, and bigger. To repay the society and consumers.



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