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            technological achievements



            Fe is the abbreviation of Fudan and enzyme, and also stands for complex protease. Fe is constructed by modern bioengineering, including lysozyme and protease. Fe enzyme can hydrolyze the bacterial cell wall more effectively and specifically (by catalyzing the hydrolysis of 1,4 - β - glycoside bond between N-acetylglucosamine and N-acetyl cell acid in peptidoglycan of bacterial cell wall), so as to kill bacteria.


            Mr. Fleming - discoverer

            As early as 1922, Fleming, the inventor of penicillin, discovered that there is a kind of "biological lysozyme" in oral saliva and breast milk, which can promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria. It has the mechanism and effect of bacteriolysis, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, hemostasis, detumescence and pain relief, accelerating tissue recovery and improving body immunity.

            Fe is the abbreviation of Fudan and enzyme, which also stands for complex protease. Fe is constructed by modern bioengineering, including lysozyme and protease. Fe enzyme can hydrolyze the cell wall of bacteria more effectively and specifically to kill bacteria. A large number of experiments showed that Fe enzyme had a preventive and therapeutic effect on more than 400 kinds of Gram-positive bacteria in clinic, and its minimum inhibitory concentration was in the order of microgram.


            Lysozyme - Summary of clinical reports

            ·Abstract: Ames test: negative; acute oral toxicity test, non-toxic. Animal experiments conducted by several authoritative testing units showed that Fe preparation was safe, non-toxic and without side effects. It passed the examination and approval of Shanghai chemical toxicity evaluation technical committee and issued the registration certificate.

            ·Efficacy: Shanghai Institute of Stomatology "efficacy clinical trial report" Abstract: prevention and reduction of oral problems. The laboratory of antibiotics in Huashan Hospital of Shanghai, the laboratory of the Second Military Medical University, the laboratory of the Sixth Hospital of Shanghai, the Ninth Hospital of Shanghai and other units have carried out tests on all kinds of bacteria collected in clinic: the main function of Fe preparation is to help tissue repair, enhance body resistance and immune regulation.

            ·Specificity: Fe biolysozyme has a high degree of action specificity, targeted killing more than 400 kinds of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, protecting the beneficial flora and maintaining the balance of oral flora. Experts from 7 institutions, including Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Stomatology, identified that they did not contain hormones, antibiotics and other drugs. The appraisal committee thinks that Fe biological toothpaste is an international initiative, and the overall technology is at the leading level in China.

            Invention patent

            Patent Certificate

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