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            Snow Leopard Charity Charity: "Health Protection, One Step Cleaner"

            Time : 2021/03/01 View : 407

            Snow Leopard Charity Charity: "Health Protection, One Step Cleaner"

            In the early spring, it is warm and cold, the weather changes repeatedly, the human body's immune system is weak, and the influenza virus can easily take advantage of the deficiency. Recently, the Snow Leopard Daily Chemicals charity team has launched an action and successively went to Jiangyin Bridge, Mianshan Bay, and Qiaoqi Experimental Primary School, sending a total of 9,000 bottles of disposable disinfectant and 3460 toothpastes for children to the children. Health protection cover.

            On February 21, the Snow Leopard Public Welfare Group first came to the Mianshan Bay Experimental School and sent 3,000 bottles of disposable disinfectants and 480 toothpastes for children to provide safe and effective disinfection and cleaning products. Snow Leopard hopes that in the new semester, children can grow up vigorously without being disturbed by bacteria.

             On February 23, the Snow Leopard came to Jiangyin Daqiao Central Primary School and also sent 3000 bottles of disposable disinfectant and 480 toothpastes for children to protect each child. It is recommended that students develop the good habit of washing hands frequently in their daily lives, and strengthen the awareness of daily hygiene protection for young people.

            On February 24th, the Snow Leopard public welfare team came to Qiaoqi Experimental Primary School again to send the children 3000 bottles of disposable disinfectant and 2500 toothpastes for children. At the same time, they carried out the "wash hands frequently, help together, and grow with civilization and habits". Interactive activities. On the same day, Vice President Zhu Ye explained to the students the theme and purpose of the event, and then the Snow Leopard public welfare ambassador Xiao Zhu gave an explanation and demonstration of daily health protection knowledge. The students listened attentively and spoke actively. I believe everyone has been rewarded.


            The epidemic is not over yet, and prevention and control are still continuing. There are still all kinds of germs in our lives. Students must remember to wash their hands and opponents frequently. Snow Leopard Daily Chemical will also continue the charity heart, and the Snow Leopard guardian will always be on the road.

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